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Eric “Chet” Jacobson

I have over 40 years of experience in the Aquatics and Amusement Industry and began my aquatics career as a lifeguard and swim instructor in Houston, Texas.

After becoming trained and certified as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, taught by a previous swim coach, I was encouraged to apply for a lifeguarding position at the newly constructed aquatic facilities at Six Flags Astroworld/Waterworld. This was one of two waterparks that Six Flags opened that year, 1983.

It was here that I worked with a multitude of talented and influential individuals that helped me grow professionally in this industry. For 17 years, I advanced through the levels of leadership at Six Flags Astroworld/Waterworld, which included being promoted the Safety Department as a Fire and Safety Supervisor. Here, I helped implement several new Safety Programs that were being developed by the Safety and Risk Management department. My knowledge and experience acquired from working with the many professionals at the theme park was critical in developing my “Overall Safety” approach to operations.

I was then promoted to be the Operations Manager of Waterworld in 1993, and oversaw aquatic safety operations, guest services, all various revenue producing locations, as well as maintenance. In 1999, I was chosen to be the project manager for an 8.2-million-dollar capital project. This Waterworld capital project included the construction of a large multi-level play structure, accompanying pools, a large family raft ride that crossed over elements of the adjacent theme park, and the removal of an attraction to be replaced with a mat racer. This experience was challenging yet rewarding, as I gained a deeper appreciation and knowledge of the Aquatic Operations and Safety Industry.

In 2000, I joined the National Aquatic Safety Company, LLC (NASCO) where I became the Senior Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer. During this time, the company continued to grow its Lifeguard Certification Program, Inspection Services, and Aquatic Leadership Development Program.

I have been a leading expert and inspector for various aquatic facilities. I have inspected facilities throughout the United States and around the world, to help them maintain their safety standards and attractions. These contributions are found through the sharing of best practices and their necessity for safe facility operations, lifeguard observations and aquatic inspections. Through the years, I have conducted classes and have spoken at many conferences including the World Waterpark Association, International Attraction & Amusement Park Association, as well as other regional seminars.

Now as the Owner and President of Maverick Aquatic Safety Inspections, LLC, (MASI). I conduct aquatic and amusement inspections, facility safety inspections/surveys, and operational audits. I hope to build long lasting and strong relationships within the industry with a goal of improving safety through the sharing of best practices, being a resource, and by conducting professional and informative inspections. I look forward to helping you and your facilities with its inspection and safety needs.

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