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Aquatic Attractions
Water Slides Inspections

MASI will look at the physical structure of the water slide and/or attraction and examine structural components and will do so by visually examining those areas of the structure that are accessible. We will provide the facility/insurance company with the results of the visual inspection. We cannot make design recommendations/suggestions/or any comments regarding the design, nature or performance of the water slides/ attractions. These are outside the scope of these types of inspections.

Aquatic Facility Safety Inspections, Surveys

During the Facility Inspection, MASI will conduct a “wall to wall” inspection at the aquatic facility. We look for anything that could impact safety, appearance of safety, overall liability, and a positive guest experience. This involves walking the water slide, checking all the grates, looking at the signage, checking for conformance with all know applicable codes and other activities.

Aquatic Facility and Amusement Park
Operational Audits

MASI will look at the facility’s day-to-day operations. We will examine operational and administrative policies for accountability, consistency, and reliability.  These audits will be rooted in the industry standards that are derived from the American Society for the Testing of Materials International (ASTM) Standards for Amusement Rides & Devices (F-24), National Fire Protection Association – Life Safety Code 101 (NFPA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

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